A North Harrovian Tangent

This Wednesday, I was invited by my old student friend Ramya to give a lecture over Zoom to the Writers’ Group of the North Harrow Community Library. I talked in detail about the self-publishing approach to getting in print, and my current experience of it. We also covered the differing pros and cons of various […]

Hybrids and Scams

So, ‘weekly’ blogging my arse. Apologies for just how late this post turned out to be, folks. A close family member went to hospital to have a routine operation – something that, these days, is even more of a logistical nightmare than usual – and after a few days of complications, setbacks and jaw-droppingly alarming […]

A Milestone and a Blurb!

So… Anyone following the hit count on here as zealously as I am (in short… no-one) may have noticed that, as of this morning, the website hit quite a significant milestone. Significant for me, anyway. 500 hits in less than 3 weeks! I’m blown away, utterly, by the support so far from both friends and […]

‘So, What’s Your Novel About?’

The title says it all, really. Two weeks in, and it’s safe to say I can’t really avoid the subject any more. In my last two posts, I’ve alluded to a few vague facts about the novel, none of which give you any real feel or ‘hook’ into the story. If I’m going to keep […]

AuthorTube Newbie Tag! (Without the -Tube…)

I know, I know, it hasn’t been 7 full days yet. Sue me. I spend quite a bit of time on AuthorTube – the collective name for authors and novelists who have YouTube channels dedicated to their work, and to writing in general. It’s a brilliant place both for inspiration (seeing how people in the […]