A Milestone and a Blurb!


Anyone following the hit count on here as zealously as I am (in short… no-one) may have noticed that, as of this morning, the website hit quite a significant milestone.

Significant for me, anyway.

500 hits in less than 3 weeks! I’m blown away, utterly, by the support so far from both friends and strangers, and flattered by how much traffic I’m getting to the site from my rather inane blogposts and social media-ing. It hopefully won’t be too long before Legion That Was hits Amazon, at which point your patience and your loyalty will be rewarded.

But anyway, to mark this occasion, I’ve indulged in a little back-to-basics marketing, shown down below:

For 1000, I’ll either bake a cake or have plane-trails spell the words out across the sky. Whichever is easier (and given my baking skills, that isn’t quite as one-sided a call as you’d think…)

But also, as a little treat, I think it’s high time I release the official blurb for the novel. A few test-readers and members of my inner circle have seen it already, but now I feel it’s only right the rest of the world should see it too.

You’re welcome, folks.

See you next week x

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