Legion That Was – Review by Kayla C. Reviews

A little while ago, the lovely Kayla Cook – an author and book reviewer with a website dedicated to each – agreed to do an advance review of Legion That Was.

I had the pleasure of receiving and reading it, today. And even more delightful was this (literally) glowing assessment right at the top:

A few people in my inner circle have read either the whole manuscript, or bits of it, already. This was, however, the first time someone read it who wasn’t either a family member or close friend, which makes the comments that bit more meaningful.

The review can be accessed here on Kayla’s review site. I’ve also added it to the Reviews page of this website – where, in time, I’ll hopefully be able to add more to them as more reviews come in prior to the novel’s actual release.

All things considered, today was a pretty good day.

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