1500 Hits. 1 Prologue.

Well, I suppose the title says it all. I was so caught up with the novelty of having the novel cover on display for everyone to see when a very important milestone for this website almost completely slipped past me…

My, my.

I’m humbled, as per freakin’ usual, that this poultry blog has gone down quite so well as it has – beyond the nine or ten people in my immediate family who I’d expected, at any rate. Without straying into award speech territory, it continues to be humbling, and touching, given that till now I haven’t released so much as a word.

Till now.

Yep. You read that right.

As you’ve presumably clocked from the title, I thought it was about high time I release a little of the novel itself to whet your collective appetite.

So here we are then, at last.

The Prologue to Legion That Was is now available to read, in PDF form, here.

Enjoy, all x

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