Aquilifer is Out!

Again, not a particularly lengthy post, but just a little heads-up to say that my short story, Aquilifer, is finally out as an eBook on Amazon!

For the small price of £0.99 you can devour the 6000ish words and find out what Orbus and Brauda get up to in the weeks following the end of Legion That Was. As well as catching another intriguing glimpse into the Praefector’s war-scarred past…

Given the short length its standalone release will only be an eBook (6000 words doesn’t warrant printing, let alone the printing cost), although if I ever do an omnibus or anthology of novels in print I may well decide to reprint it there.

And I’ve said this several times before, but it bears repeating, for anyone who’s obsessed with continuity… if you miss this story, your understanding of the plot in Book II won’t be hampered in any way whatsoever. Nothing that happens in Aquilifer is crucial or vital plot information. To put it bluntly, it’s more of the story if you want more of it. No more, no less.

The link to purchase it is here, and it’s also been added to the Short Stories tab of this website.

And that’s another milestone crossed off my writing journey, however small. I now have two published pieces of work out there in the world as opposed to one. Short story writing is a very different discipline to novel writing. People often say it flexes a different set of muscles, and they’re bang on. It’s easier, don’t get me wrong, but throws up so many more challenges. It’s a sprint, not a marathon, and each one can be equally demanding.

And anyway, my 6 months of dallying around the series have concluded. Time to start actually ploughing into Book II for real.

I enjoyed writing it immensely. I hope you enjoy reading it!

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