Ode to an Odyssey – Have A Free Story!

Hello all! Apologies, once again, for another record-breaking hiatus.

(Well, okay, 6 weeks for me isn’t quite record-breaking, but the point still stands).

I’m resurfacing now winter has finally passed with a little bit of news.

Remember that 1500 word story on the theme of Troy, that I wrote for the LSA Classical Competition? Well, I found out this week that I sadly haven’t made the shortlist of winners, let alone been selected for any of the prizes.

Which is a shame, if not a surprise. But on the plus side, there’s now nothing to stop me releasing the story to the world!

Ode to an Odyssey (having finally decided on a title that I liked) has been released on KDP for a measly £0.77 – as low as I could price it. There will also be a link to purchase it with the rest of my work on this website.

But that isn’t all. I’m running a 5-day special promotion through Amazon, meaning from tomorrow – March 19th – right through to March 23rd, the story will be completely free.

A free story. What’s not to love about that?

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