4000 Hits (Rounding Down…)

My first post of 2023.

Morning, folks. Hope your Christmas and end of year was all you wanted it to be.

I have a fairly good track record for missing milestones on this blog (I think I’m about five for five, if we’re counting), but I think we passed this particular one not long after my last blogpost.

Which is funny, because by the the time of posting we’re something like 200 more hits on top of that, because I couldn’t be arsed to post anything else between now and then.

Quite predictably, I have no reveal or titbit to share on here as a thank you to my minority of followers. I recently revealed the working Prologue of Shadow of the Prow as an end of year treat for whoever cared for it. I’m not particularly sad to announce that I won’t be revealing any more of it any time soon, and, in a rather ironic twist of fate, I can confirm that in lieu of getting much more writing done in January, I’ve actually edited that very Prologue quite significantly.

It was reading it in PDF form in the blog, in all honesty, that made me do that. I just read it back with some cold clarity and found it kind of… shit.

But that, as they say, is the game.

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