Legion That Was – Interview with Moan Inc.

This afternoon I happened to hop on YouTube – as I often do, most days – and scrolling through my feed of subscribed channels and suggested videos, I came across a rather familiar thumbnail.

Intrigued, I clicked through.

And then peered a little closer.

Shit, I thought. I know that guy.

I can now confirm my interview with the wonderful Erica Stevenson of Moan Inc fame is finally available to watch on YouTube! Anyone who’s followed my last few posts of 2022 will know how excited I was by this opportunity, and how even more excited I was in the runup – I’ve been a follower of Erica’s content for at least a year and a bit, having also had the pleasure of running into her at a couple of book signings last year. This interview was something we’d been trying to make happen since last summer – with so much of her time spent interviewing, well, actual authors – but it was an absolute blast to talk to her for an afternoon on all things Rome, mythology and the self-publishing process. To top it all off, she has cut up and compiled the highlights into what I think is a very entertaining and enjoyable video.

As I’m fairly sure I’ve reiterated before, I’d urge everyone who reads my work to have a shufti through some of the other videos on her channel – as well as some great interviews with a fair few Classical heavyweights, there are also in-depth analyses of set texts (in a hugely entertaining and accessible style) and a whole host of other great content too.

My first author interview. And touching whatever Dodonian oak will grant me favour, hopefully not my last.


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