The Second Bloggiversary

I’m only a day off this year. Last year it was over a fortnight, so I suppose that’s a partial improvement?

The ironic thing is I actually did remember to post about it yesterday, only for it to completely slip my mind. Only Twitter was there to thankfully give me a nudge (given I set up that official account on the same day I launched this website).

But here we go. 2 years since this blog flew the nest, and 2 years of screaming my fairly banal updates and observations into the void.

In these 2 years I’ve carried a SP’ed novel to full term, planned a fair few others, released two short stories (one of which won a minor certificate in a prestigious but fairly niche competition), commissioned multiple covers, and been interviewed by a fairly well known Classical YouTuber. Perhaps a reasonably broad list of milestones objectively speaking, but I’m hoping to have made a bit more progress for when the next one rolls around. As in, have made some actual tangible process on the professional authorly path, but beggars can’t be choosers after all.

If you were expecting any special previews or unveilings to mark the occasion, you shouldn’t have. All I can offer at this time is a commemorative picture template, courtesy of Twitter. And a fond adieu from my (pushing 66k) manuscript and I, telling you to sit tight and await some future updates soon.

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